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***   SIM31    DOWNLOAD   ***   SIM31   DOWNLOAD   ***
(for all  native Windows version: Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinMe, WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10
& all Windows on virtual machines under OSX or all Windows by Wine emulators under Linux )  

Latest SIM31 digital mode version *** V6999 ***    (2019 Mars 22) :
sim_psk.rar (2.3 Mb)
sim_psk.zip (2.4 Mb)

For downloading new executable file only  (not enough for a first installation)
  sim_psk.exe (940kb)

Latest SIM31 digital mode miniature version *** V6999_S *** for small screen resolution 1024X600 pixels :
sim_psk_1024X600.rar (2.3 Mb)

The english users guide for SIM31 digital mode program:
sim_users_guide_en.pdf (0.75 Mb)
sim_faq.pdf (0.15 Mb)

The French users guide for SIM31 digital mode program:
sim_users_guide_fr.pdf (0.75 Mb)

The Dutch users guide for SIM31 digital mode (Nederlands):
sim_users_guide_nederlands.pdf (0.75 Mb)
sim_faq_nederlands.pdf (0.15 Mb)